Serve at Divine Mercy

What you are doing I cannot do, what I’m doing you cannot do, but together we are doing something beautiful for God, and this is the greatness of God’s love for us-To give us the opportunity to become holy through the works of love that we do because holiness is not the luxury of the few.

– St. Teresa of Calcutta

Serving at Divine Mercy

We encourage all of our parishioners to serve in ministry. Every volunteer makes a difference. Take a look at some of the opportunities to serve.


Bereavement Ministry

Offer guidance and consolation on behalf of the Christian community to those who have suffered the death of a loved one. This ministry involves visiting the funeral home, meeting with the family, and planning the various Liturgical Celebrations. It involves attending a vigil for the deceased, the funeral Mass and being present, if possible, at the grave side.

Faith Formation & Sacrament Preparation

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Family Teams

Our growing children’s programs provide a great opportunity to share God’s love through providing engaging programs for our youngest members.


Gardening & Grounds Teams

Help make the physical environment at Divine Mercy a welcoming and beautiful space to worship, gather, and grow. Our Gardening Committee meets from late spring to the early fall months.   Other volunteer opportunities are available to decorate for special events or help maintain the interior church throughout the year.


Liturgical Ministries

Help us provide an incredible worship experience to all of our parishioners by sharing your time and talents in a liturgical ministry. We have several choirs as well as opportunities to read and serve communion.

Check out these Sunday Ministries

  • Altar Servers
  • Eucharistic Ministers
  • Lectors
  • Music Ministry
  • Sacristan
  • Welcome & Ushers Ministries
  • Team Livestream
  • Children’s Mass Time
  • Fellowship Ministry

Outreach and Care Ministries

Join us as we let Christ use the work of our hands, and help make Divine Mercy a place where the hurting, hopeless and helpless can come to for healing & support.

Try one of these Ministries:

  • Divine Mercy Food Bank
  • Visitation Ministry



  • Divine Mercy Parish is wholly committed to supporting the personal faith development of those who serve in parish ministries.  The Parish will provide materials, resources and training for interested volunteers, as well as on-going faith formation. 
  • Divine Mercy Parish is also fully committed to providing a safe and secure environment for the community, especially the most vulnerable.  For more information see the  Archdiocesan Screening Initiative or contact us at