Coming Home

The Door is always open!

Thinking of returning to the Church but aren’t sure where to begin. We can help.

Whether it’s been a long break or a short hiatus, we know that coming back to church can feel overwhelming.  It can bring up a lot of anxiety for you and stir up a lot of feelings – both current and some connected to why you fell out with the Church in the past. 

No matter the reason, be at peace.  You’re not alone.  Many former Catholics are returning to faith after having left.  And, the truth is that many of them are expressing relief, not anxiety, as the central emotion they feel upon “coming home.”  

Here at Divine Mercy Parish we want you to know that we’ve been waiting for you and want to do all we can to make you welcome and at ease.   


Why Come Back to Church?

There are many reasons that may have caused you to stop practising your faith. Here are a few reasons to help you think about coming back to Church.

MEANING  Our culture and society can sometimes leave us with a sense of confusion which makes it difficult to find meaning and purpose in our lives.  In the face of the modern world, Christ fulfils our lives, He gives us a meaning and purpose.

HEALING  There are many things which we carry on our shoulders, the burden of our own sinfulness over the years, guilt, not being able to forgive other people, or perhaps other spiritual wounds – anger with God, questioning God for things that happen in life.  Being open to Jesus, and, what we can receive from Him through the Church can bring us great comfort, healing and peace to all of our daily struggles and problems.

BELONGING  The Catholic Church is a community of people united in Christ.  It is more than just the building!  Together, Catholics offer whatever is going on in their lives – joys and sorrows – to God.  Together, as a community, they receive God’s help and support to live their lives.

THE EUCHARIST This is perhaps the most wonderful for returning to Church and practising your faith.  Each time we celebrate Holy Mass, Jesus is made truly present and we are given the immense privilege of receiving Him in Holy Communion.  Everyone has a longing in their hearts to meet Jesus.  Receiving Him in this special way satisfies our hunger and helps us to find Him in the other areas of our lives, maybe those areas we did not think he could be present.


How Do I come Back to Church?

Remember, it is never too late to start again.  Here are a few suggestions to help you come back to the Church.  Take them in your own time and at your own pace.

PRAY  If you are thinking of coming back to church it is because the Holy Spirit is trying to say something to your heart.  Talk to God, ask Him to help you in your life, ask him to help your faith to grow.

TALK TO SOMEONE  Start by talking with your Catholic friends who attend church regularly.  Tell them you are looking for a place to attend and get their feedback on where they would suggest.   You might even find someone you’d like to go to church with and then make a “church date” and attend with them. You can also investigate a local parish if you’re there for a wedding, baptism, funeral, or other event.  Don’t be shy about asking the Pastor or members of staff about the parish and about coming back to church.  It’s why we are here!

JUST SHOW UP  Divine Mercy is open every day. When you are passing, why not stop by and spend a few moments with the Lord who is truly present in the tabernacle?  Take the time to get to know the inside of a church again.  Relax and become comfortable with being in church.

COME TO MASS One of the best ways to come back to church is to just start coming.  Sunday Mass is especially important for Catholics because we gather as a community of faith to worship God together. You may not be ready to receive Holy Communion yet, but that’s okay.  You can come up for a blessing until you are ready.  Please see our Mass Time Page for information on our Daily and Sunday Masses.



Going to Church is a habit.  You fell out of the habit, and it will take some time to get used to it again. I think the best way is to simply ask a friend or family member who goes to church if you can go with them. And if you have to go alone, just pray that God will help make it a good experience for you. And then help God answer your prayer by making it a good experience for you come what may. And when you go, be mindful of how happy you’re making anyone who knows you who might see you there – even if they don’t show it for fear of scaring you away again. Remember how funny people can be, and repeat to yourself this adage: “Church is a hospital for sinners and not a showcase for saints.”