Making the Most of Your Parish

Welcome to Divine Mercy Parish in St. John’s!  It is through your presence that our new parish is being built.  With you, we are working to offer compelling educational programs, invaluable outreach services, rewarding volunteer opportunities, and spiritual nourishment for all.  We would be delighted if you would consider sharing your time and talents within the Divine Mercy community.

Whether you are new to the parish or have been here for a while, the Church needs you – your spirit, your faith, your creativity, and your service.  New members join with those already established in striving to build an experience of Church that is genuinely welcoming, mission oriented, and Christ centered. We welcome people of backgrounds and ages.  We welcome searchers and seekers, whether firmly rooted in their faith, or searching to belong.  We are gifted by your presence. 

The Catholic faith is meant to be shared. Active participation in the parish community helps each person to grow and thrive in our faith.  

What Your Active Participation Means: 

  • Engagement:  with my faith, with those who share my faith, with my relationship with Christ.
  • Growth:  this is about conversion – it is about how my faith (loving Christ) works in my heart, how learning about God’s love for me changes how I want to live knowing that I am a beloved son or daughter of the Father.
  • Love:  specifically it means falling in love, being in love, staying in love with the One who has called me.
 We are on an amazing adventure in faith together.  Here are some ways of making the most of the parish for yourself, for your friends and family and for those with whom you share this awesome faith.  


The best way you can serve your parish is with your active participation in Mass every weekend and Holy Day of Obligation. When you join your prayers to those of your fellow parishioners, and show, by your presence, how important you feel it is to participate in the eucharistic life of your parish, you strengthen the entire Body of Christ. While at Mass and in your personal prayer time, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in other ways you can serve your parish.

Stay after Mass for some Hospitality:

After the 11:00 am Masses, every other Sunday, hospitality is shared together  in the foyer.  It’s a wonderful time for fellowship and many a warm friendship has begun over a big chocolate chip cookie or lemon bar.  You may be able to brighten a lonely person’s day and never know it just by taking the time to smile and say “hello.”

Coming Soon:  See our calendar for upcoming hospitality Sundays


 A person growing in faith is some one who is hungry to learn more about Christ and his Church .  They want to learn from Jesus, striving to allow Christ’s teachings to form their lives so that they might be more like him.  This might include daily reading from the bible, the saints, the wisdom and teaching of the Church or tuning into Catholic media.  Watch for what the parish is offering by way of faith formation, prayer and retreat events and pick something to join.

Coming Soon:  See our Parish Faith Formation Page for what is coming soon!  


Bring a Friend: 

Becoming more active or participating in the community is so much easier when you bring someone with you. You might think of asking  a friend to attend a meeting or retreat with you. Or you might sign you and your spouse up to work alongside each other on our gardening team or other parish ministry.

Sign up or Subscribe: 

Have you registered in the Parish?  Choosing membership is intentional.  You are choosing your spiritual home.  When you register you can opt to join our mailing list.  Signing up helps keep us in contact with you and keeps you up to date on everything that is happening in the community.  

See our Membership Page to Register

Subscribe to our Facebook:

Read the Bulletin:

The bulletin is the parish’s way of connecting with all parishioners.  We are working to make it something that informs, inspires and educates us in the faith.  Take one every week and read it from front to back. You can also find it our our website or our facebook page.  You’ll see upcoming events and calls to action for ministries that need help. Become fully informed about what is going on in your own parish.

Read our latest Bulletin on our Bulletin Page


Check out our website:

We will do our best to keep this site current and updated. Is there something you want to see here or a question you want answered? Write to and we’ll do our best to oblige.  

Search Our Parish Ministries:

Check out our list of parish ministries and groups and see what appeals to you. It may be referred to as “opportunities for time and talent,” or “stewardship opportunities.” Or, you can call it “opportunities to make new friends.” Your choice.

Explore our Liturgical Ministries

Discover our Parish Ministries

Find the Right Fit:

We are all recipients of different gifts. Can you carry a tune? Maybe you belong in the choir. Can you staff a both at the church Picnic or usher on Sundays or Holy Days? Take an honest look at your God given attributes, and think about how you can use them best. Have a gift for public speaking? Sign up for Lector training. Enjoy the great outdoors? Become a part of our garden team, cutting grass and planting flowers. Ask our pastor or a staff member for suggestions.

Talk to Someone Who Can Help:

Figuring out how to become more involved in the parish can feel a little daunting.  And, discerning the gifts you have to share in the community can take some time.  But we are here for you.  Have a chat with Fr. John or speak with one of our ministry coordinators to see what might be right for you.  Send us a message in the contact form and we’ll be in touch to get things started.

Just do it!

The first step is always the hardest –  find something that catches your eye, and give it a try.